Meet Laura, Problem Child

Some of my favorite pics:

Autumn, my first painting I actually liked.

Winter, another painting

With Steve Vatalaro, my h.s. honey

With Anne Law, Anita Rajan. FWFW reunion!

After shaving my head

With my dad in Boston, summer 1997

Brushing my teeth in Greenland.

With Elizabeth and Molly at Jae's.

With mom

As a kid.

Graduating from MIT



Once upon a time, I was Ecogirl

Favorite movies:

  • Brokeback Mountain
  • Batman Begins
  • Smilla's Sense of Snow
  • Antwone Fisher
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • Terminator
  • Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
  • Vertigo
  • Elizabeth
  • Shawshank Redemption
  • Forrest Gump
  • This really cool movie I saw this one time on traditional Indonesian dancing

November 2004 in Moab

My resume

You're already here, so you might as well know what I think

My Bald Adventure

Holiday letter, 2005

Trip to Costa Rica and Nicaragua, August 2005

Articles I wrote, back when I was stationed in Panama, 1992-1994:

Salvage operation in Roatan, Honduras, published April 30, 1993

Community service project, Roatan, Honduras, published April 30, 1993

Favorite musical artists*: anything funky, Kanye West, Portishead, Fiona Apple, Eric Clapton, Nine Inch Nails, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Busta Rhymes, Queen, Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, Lenny Kravitz, Blues Traveler, Steely Dan, Madonna, Mozart, Earth, Wind & Fire, LL Cool J, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley, Black Eyed Peas

*Note: I wouldn't necessarily trust my taste in music. I have a tendency to like cheezy stuff. They showed a countdown of the Most Awesomely Bad Songs of the Year on VH1, and I have to confess I liked most of them. Although I do have kind of an excuse: I grew up in the 80's, a decade responsible for an alarming amount of cheezy music.

Favorite things to do: Learn about bugs, travel, bike, canoe, almost any outdoor activity, stimulating conversation, dance (but I don't get to do it nearly enough!)

How could anyone find these celebrities sexy??? (in Laura's humble opinion)

  • Tom Cruise. He's always got the same, incredibly ingratiating smile. He's 5'2" (well, maybe a little taller ...). He's the same in every movie!
  • Ashley Judd. Have you ever seen her in an interview? She is possibly the most annoying person on the planet.
  • Josh Hartnett. Three words: Big. Boring. Dud.
  • Colin Farrell. I just don't get why anyone would find him attractive.
  • Ren�e Zellweger. She's just kind of funny-looking.
  • Matt Damon. Pale and pasty.
  • Hugh Jackman. So skinny!

These celebrities actually are sexy:

  • Salma Hayek
  • Kanye West
  • Dr. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Pamela Anderson
  • Tommy Lee

Bone up on your geography:

Fun, free online geography quizzes!
Fun, free online trivia, vocab, and geography quizzes!

Funny stuff:

Letterman's top ten list is an archive of misheard lyrics (e.g. "excuse me, while I kiss this guy" by Jimi Hendrix).
The Onion is a hilarious satire on today's news. I highly recommend SMOOVE B.
Museum of Bad Art. Who knew art could be this BAD??

Weird stuff:

Weird Deep Sea fish brought ashore by the Dec. 2004 tsunami. Site is in Russian and takes a little while to load.

Get off your lazy... Buy your stuff here (for example, from Barnes&Noble, Office Depot, Land's End, etc.) and part of the proceeds go to charity.
The Rainforest Site. Just click a button to fund the preservation of endangered rainforest!
The Breast Cancer Site. Just click a button to fund free mammograms!
The Hunger Site. You're one click away from donating food to the hungry.


I have been obsessed with Greenland ever since I saw the movie Smilla's Sense of Snow in 1997. I planned my trip and went there in July of 1998. It was fantastic -- I can't wait to go back! Check out my pics:

We arrived in Kangerlussuaq on July 14, 2004, and spent the day hiking near the airport. We found some antlers that had been shed by some kind of animal:
Wearing antlers in Kangerlussuaq.
Tony with antlers.

We set out from Ilulissat to backpack for a few days. I wore biking tights without realizing they were too thin to keep the mosquitoes away. Pretty soon my calves were COVERED in bites. Once we got back to Ilulissat and I could safely hike up my tights, I did so and scratched the heck outta those bites. It almost gave me the Big O.

We went on a pretty cool midnight sun boat trip.
Me leaning out of the boat.

These two shots are from when we were backpacking up the coast from Ilullisat. It was pretty amazing to hike along, all the while looking at the ocean filled with icebergs.
Me brushing my teeth.
Tony brushing his teeth.

More icebergs!
Me and ice.

I had to wear mosquito netting so as not to go insane from all the mosquitoes buzzing around us.
Mosquito netting.

The ice can make you pensive:
Tony pensive on the tundra.

More Greenland stuff:

Greenland Guide Index has lots of tourist information.
Great Arctic Adventure. Read about Larry Rodrigues' U.S. Air Force tour in Greenland.  Lots of pictures.


"Something's crossed over in me, and I can't go back."
Geena Davis in Thelma and Louise

Laura C. Moore

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