Some Moore Family Pics

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Thanksgiving 1997:

Beth, Laura, and Sarah, Thanksgiving 1997 (Charlie's Angels pose).

Rodney, Laura, Beth, Kim, Chris, Sarah, Greg, Matt and Russell, Thanksgiving 1997.

Matt, Laura and Al, Thanksgiving 1997.

Summer 1996:

Larry, Jenny, Matt, Beth, Kim, Mary Linda, Chris, and Russell modeling coats imported from Ecuador. Summer, 1996.

Greg jet-skiing at the lake, summer 1996.

Greg and Sarah, summer 1996.

Laura waterskiing at the lake, summer 1996.

Family reunion at Hilton Head, June 1994:

Mary Linda and Larry. Hilton Head Island, summer 1994.

Billy, Mary Linda, and Jenny. Hilton Head Island, summer 1994.

Rosemary, Billy, Aunt Mary, Uncle Al, Beth, Laura, and Larry.


Pancha in the sink, fall 1997.

Patches gazing out the window.

Patches' sweet little face.

Petunia making goo-goo eyes from the couch.

A closer shot of Petunia.

An even closer shot of Petunia!


Laura as a child.

Laura's senior picture.

Laura receiving MIT diploma from President Charles Vest, June 1991.

Laura in some kind of a rampage, May 1997.

Laura in some dressy Navy-type uniform.

Laura receiving an award from Captain Frank Hudnor at Naval Station Panama Canal, fall 1992.


Jenny turning 50 (I won't mention exactly when this happened).

Jenny, Sarah T., Anne, and Mary Linda at their annual cousins reunion.

The Braves at their last regular-season home game in Atlanta Fulton County Stadium, October 1996.

Jenny's picture of the moon over the lake.


Larry and Johnny Pruitt at the Channel 2 Studio, 1994.

Larry with his prize-winning catch on a fishing trip in Florida.

Larry pretending to swing a club.

Larry finishing a marathon in 1983, back when he was younger and could run more than 2 miles.

Larry on a deep-sea fishing trip in Florida, May 1995.

Larry in high school (check out that crazy hairdo!)

Mine and Pi (Larry's parents):

Larry's mom, also known as Mine.

Larry with his parents, Pi and Mine.

Pi and Mine at their 60th wedding anniversary party.

Rosemary and Billy:

Billy and Rosemary at Duke vs. Georgia Tech football game, October 1995.

Billy and Rosemary's wedding, Ann Arbor, MI, September 1991.

Rosemary as a child.

Rosemary graduating from Harvard, June 1990.

Rosemary in Navy ROTC.

Rosemary's senior picture.

Other stuff:

Larry and Jenny at home in Georgia, June 1995.

Larry, Jenny and Laura on a fake sleigh ride in Chicago, February 1993.

Larry, Rosemary and Billy.

Jenny and Laura at Braves spring training, March 1993.

Jenny and Larry at their high school reunion.

Jenny and Laura, reacting to the news that Larry bathed.

Jenny, Laura, and Larry in Atlanta.

Same thing, a little closer.

Laura and Larry.

Laura, Rosemary and Billy at a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey, fall 1994.

Laura, Rosemary, Billy and Jenny at a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey, fall 1994.

Larry and Jenny at Rosemary and Billy's wedding.

Rosemary and Larry.

Rosemary and Laura in the picture booth in Concourse A at Hartsfield International Airport.

Rosemary and Laura in Navy ROTC.

Christmas pictures:

Christmas 1994, (from left, clockwise) Rosemary, Chris, Russell, Matthew, Beth, Sarah, and Laura.

Christmas 1995, Larry, Laura, Rosemary, and Billy.

Christmas 1996, Laura thanking Larry for a gift.

Christmas 1994, Laura and Larry in front of the tree.

Christmas 1994, Laura, Jenny, Mine and Pi.

Christmas 1995, Laura, Rosemary, and Billy.

Top row: Al, Carol, Larry. Bottom row: Mary Linda, Dot, and Jenny.

Pi happy about a gift.

Rosemary and Billy thrilled about their gifts.

Christmas 1995, Larry, Laura, Billy, and Rosemary with stockings.

Rosemary, Laura, Larry, and Billy, Christmas 1996.

Al, Laura, Carol and Beth, Christmas 1996.

Matt, Sarah, Greg, and Chris, Christmas 1996.

Laura C. Moore

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