What Laura Thinks

Well, you got to my web page out here in cyberspace, and now that you're a captive audience, I'm going to inflict my opinion on you. Here goes:

Hats are wrong and evil, unless climatologically or occupationally necessary.

If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.

If you've got it, flaunt it. If you're ugly, you should still flaunt it.

Question your paradigm.

If you don't think Smoove B is funny, there's something wrong with you.

On boogers: If someone does a booger check while talking to you, they probably like you.

Music is all about emotion.

One day you will be on your deathbed, and you will ask yourself, "What have I really accomplished with my life?"

There are some REALLY funny commercials out there.

Every day, do something that challenges or scares you.

I really wish I could juggle.

Teaching is an honorable and important profession.

Question yourself.

I get Dennis Quaid and Patrick Swayze mixed up.

The American economy is a giant pyramid scheme. A small-scale pyramid scheme relies on a constant supply of new people coming in, paying their dues so that the people above them can get paid. The same is true on a much larger scale here in this country -- we rely on growth. All of our economic indicators are based on growth -- new housing starts, jobs created, etc. Does anyone consider where this leads? It can't go on like that forever. No pyramid scheme lasts forever.

It's good to take a little time every day just to laugh.

Question reality.


Wanna know what I think about something, just ask me.

Laura C. Moore

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